US Government Will Provide 25 Million US Dollars For Motor Technology Research And Development

- Nov 06, 2018-

US government will provide 25 million US dollars for motor technology research and development

The US Department of Energy will provide $25 million in funding over the next five years to help develop advanced energy-efficient motor technologies.

The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) of the US Department of Energy's Office of Energy and Renewable Energy has identified four areas of technology that it believes can improve motor efficiency and reduce motor weight while breaking the limitations of traditional conductive metals and electrical steel. These technologies are: high performance thermal conductors; low loss silicon steel; high temperature superconducting wires; and other technologies that provide performance.

These technologies can help American motor users save nearly 44 watt-hours of electricity per year, which is about 1.6% of total US electricity consumption. In addition, these technologies can also lay the foundation for future energy-saving motors, and can also improve the use of clean energy. Motor efficiency saves energy for wind power, solar power, electric vehicles and battery manufacturers.

Under the next-generation motor machinery: enabling technology project, the US Department of Energy plans to select 8 to 12 projects to develop efficiency and reduce weight costs while breaking the key to conductive metals and silicon-infused electrical steel used in conventional motors. technology.

These projects will focus on recent advances in nanomaterials research and improvements in the performance of high temperature superconductors. They will also encourage research, development and deployment of high-magnetic, high-frequency insulation and lead-free, low-loss bearing technology that is critical for high-speed motors.

The motor technology program is part of the Obama administration's double investment in clean energy research and development. The US Department of Energy's broader clean energy manufacturing program aims to enhance the competitiveness of US clean energy production and promote national manufacturing competitiveness by increasing energy productivity. Motor consumption accounts for about 70% of US manufacturers' electricity consumption, and accounts for nearly 75% of total US electricity consumption.

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