Using Advanced Technology In Japan To Produce Automatic Servo Motor Winding Machine

- Sep 12, 2017-

Qingdao YNG precision, with Japan's advanced technology, in the country can provide the quality of imported equipment, domestic equipment prices concessions. Specializing in the production of precision YNG brushless motor winding machine, winding machine, servo motor, stepper motor winding machine, winding machine, motor winding machine, winding machine, winding winding winding machine, oblique type winding machine and so on high precision winding machine, can also according to the customer the requirements of design and production of non-standard winding machine.

In the winding all common machine components in life, in addition to electrical parts, mechanical equipment constitute piece outside, at the same time there are many functional accessories, but also can participate in the winding process plays a very important role, winding different operation requirements of annex of the same function is not the same. Foil winding process: belt foil is one of the most common metal strip, which is characterized by very thin stretch of particularly large, in the actual winding process is generally configured line compliant mechanism, adopts torque spindle motor or constant tension system, wire straightening mechanism is the important, certainly will cause lateral bending wire edge wave; thick flat wire wire winding is in the actual equipment in two ways: flat and vertical winding around the two types.

The thimble device of automatic winding machine is generally divided into two kinds of manual and pneumatic type, manual type to achieve the thimble requires the operator to move the movable rod action, pneumatic thimble external source as the power device is equipped with the adjustment function of distance, mandrel with different lengths to adjust the spacing, manual adjustment. By moving the fixed position to achieve between the thimble and the winding spindle distance, also need to adjust the pneumatic cylinder adjusting thimble not only need to adjust the fixed position of the scale distance and speed adjustment device, the thimble is too tight will make the bending mandrel, increased load of the spindle motor, too loose will cause the device can not play a role, as appropriate adjusted according to the length of the mandrel. To sum up, the above information gives a detailed account of the role of the thimble of the automatic winding machine in winding and winding process.

Qingdao YNG precision machinery is steadily moving towards a knowledge-based, high-tech, industry-leading, modern enterprise system with specialized companies. Company to "customer demand is our goal" business philosophy, adhere to the "customers" enterprise culture, to the quality of life for the enterprise, with strong quality, seeking cooperation "for the company's development strategy, to provide high quality products and services and a full range of solutions of high quality and low price to our customers.

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