Water Steel Company Blower Changed Generator Project Started

- Nov 14, 2018-

Water steel company blower changed generator project started

In order to reduce the amount of gas released, improve the comprehensive utilization of energy, reduce costs and increase efficiency, recently, Shuigang Company held the start-up meeting of No. 1 steam turbine blower to steam turbine generator project, and converted No. 1 steam turbine blower into 12MW steam turbine. The generator set, in order to consume the excess steam of the water steel energy company, achieves the goal of making full use of existing equipment, saving investment, and saving energy and reducing emissions.

With the conversion of civil gas to urban natural gas in Liupanshui City, there is a surplus of coke oven gas in Shuigang; the recovery rate of converter gas per ton steel is increased to 140 cubic meters; coking is implemented by negative pressure de-benzene conversion, coal coking company will reduce the use of low pressure every hour. The steam volume is 15 tons; the 6th and 7th sintering machines are comprehensively energy-saving. The surplus low-pressure steam is merged into the low-pressure steam pipe network in the iron sheet area. The steam output of the No. 3 back press is reduced, and the boiler will reduce the load, which will cause the gas to be released.

It is reported that the project is expected to be implemented for 140 days, and the total project cost is expected to be 9.89 million yuan. After the transformation, it will run for 300 days per year, and the annual power generation will be about 69.12 million kWh. After deducting the annual power generation of No.3 generator by 21.6 million kWh, the annual power generation of the project will increase by 47.52 million kWh, and the annual direct economic benefit will be 12.83 million. yuan.

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