What Is The Difference Between Discount Induction Motor And Ordinary Motor?

- Sep 19, 2019-

What is the difference between discount Induction Motor and ordinary motor?

The difference between induction motors and ordinary Motors:

Induction motor characteristics:

The induction motor refers to the induction motor. Auxiliary coils and capacitors are used during start-up and operation. Its structure is simple, its trust is high, and its efficiency is also quite large.

Continuous operation, with the increase of the load, the motor speed will change. For uses that do not require speed control. There are two kinds of single-phase induction motors and three-phase induction Motors.

When the motor is running, the torque is generated in the opposite direction of the speed, so it is impossible to change the direction in a short time.

Reversible motor characteristics:

Reversible motor for capacitance transfer transition induction motor. (also known as damping Motors) are often used for frequent positive and reverse uses.

Can instantly reverse the operation. Equipped with a simple braking device, it can rotate in a short period of time. At the time of design, the main coil of the stator coil is the same as the secondary coil, so that it has the same characteristics during positive and negative operation.

In order to increase the instantaneous reversibility of positive and reverse in a short period of time, the start-up torque is increased.

In order to prevent overrunning, a simple damping device is used to replace several maintenance forces. Stop time can stop the hyperdrive, instant ability is very good.

Use the conversion button to convert the rotation direction of the motor in a simple and fast manner.


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