What Is The Difference Between The Gear Pump And The Gear Motor

- Jul 06, 2017-

Gear pump and gear motor in the structure of the different:

1, gear pump motor structure is simple, easy to manufacture, but the output torque and speed pulsation is large, when the speed is higher than iooo r / min, the torque ripple is suppressed, so the gear motor for high speed, Low torque case.

2, the gear motor due to poor sealing, volumetric efficiency is low, the input oil pressure can not be too high, can not produce a larger torque, and instantaneous speed and torque with the meshing point of the location changes, so the gear hydraulic motor only Sub-high-speed small torque occasions.

The structural characteristics of the gear motor are:

① gear pump motor structure in order to adapt to the positive and reverse requirements, the inlet and outlet are equal, with symmetry. In order to reduce the torque ripple, the gear hydraulic motor teeth than the number of teeth more. Gear motor inlet and outlet channels symmetrical layout, the same aperture, so that the motor is positive and reverse the same performance.

② gear motor with oil drain hole. There is a separate drain port, the bearing part of the leakage of oil out of the shell.

③ to adapt to the gear motor is, reverse the work requirements, floating side panels, unloading troughs must be symmetrical layout.

④ In order to reduce the starting friction torque, reduce the friction loss, the use of rolling bearings to improve its start performance.

⑤ In order to reduce the torque ripple, the gear pump motor teeth than the gear pump teeth more.

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