Who Is The Core Driving Force Of Industry 4.0?

- Nov 11, 2018-

Who is the core driving force of Industry 4.0?

It is currently an industry 4.0 era and the so-called fourth industrial revolution. According to Marx, the industrial revolution is not only a rapid increase in productivity, but also a change in production relations. What is the real core driving force of the era we are in?

About 250 years ago, the first industrial revolution took place in the UK. At that time, because the wages of workers in the United Kingdom were relatively high, the capitalists launched various technological innovations and hoped to solve the problem of higher wages for workers. Mechanized textile machines were the most typical representatives. The mechanization application has promoted the wide application of mechanization technology in other fields, which has led to a wave of mechanized transformation of traditional production in the whole society.

In the 100 years after the first industrial revolution, the second industrial revolution, the so-called Industrial 2.0, was again launched, this time featuring the widespread use of technology represented by electrification. Accompanied by the revolution of management. The production line of the production workshop has greatly promoted the development of mass production and has created a new class (Industry 1.0 has produced the working class) - professional management. According to Harvard business historian Chandler's definition of "Scale and Scope", Britain is a personal capitalism, Germany and the United States are both managing capitalism, which means that the UK pays more attention to the control of factories and individuals, and Germany. And the management of factories in the United States with a wide range of employment professionals, this is the difference between them, but also an important reason for the UK's backwardness in the Industrial 2.0 era.

In the industry 3.0 that followed, it was only 50 years ago. The era of Industry 3.0 is an era in which information technology is widely used. During this period, traditional industrial powers such as the United States actively developed new electronic industries and the Internet industry, and relatively weakened traditional industries such as machinery manufacturing. During this period, Chinese manufacturing gradually rose.

From the development history of industry 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, technological innovation has undoubtedly played a very important role. Even in the era of Industry 4.0, technological innovation will still play a core role. Among them are three major technical features - highly automated, highly informative and highly networked, and are referred to as three heights.

These technologies are also changing the way we live. For example, based on motor drive system industrial robots, electric vehicles, high-speed rail, high-precision machine tools. The motor drive system is a combination of computer, cybernetics, mechanism, information and sensor technology. The application of motor drive system also represents an important indicator of a country's industrial automation level.

The development of motor drive systems is also inseparable from the development of test technology. The motor drive system is composed of a motor and a controller. To achieve a more complete test of the performance of the motor running system, it is necessary not only to measure the steady state of the motor, but also to analyze the dynamic performance of the motor drive system. The traditional dynamometer has been It is difficult to meet the test conditions. Zhiyuan Electronics realized technological innovation in the motor drive system test technology, which can simultaneously measure the steady-state performance and dynamic performance of the motor drive system, and let the domestic motor test technology enter the dynamic era.

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