Wholesale 6v Dc Motor Winding

- Jul 09, 2019-

wholesale 6v dc motor winding

DC motor according to the voltage level needs to use double imine, single imine, single thin double wire and other specifications of wire package flat wire, after the material is ready, can be wound on the winding machine to make a shuttle into a loop, the general DC motor is the shortest The straight part of the coil is 25 cm, and the straight line of the largest coil is 1.2 m. The winding can be single-wound, single-wound, double-flip, or double-flip, and can be determined according to specific requirements.

The round enameled wire coil can also be wound by universal adjustment in the disc. The winding machine is equipped with a speed-regulating DC motor and a turbo vortex reducer to drive the winding machine to achieve 0-120 rpm, which can be reversed and braked, and can be counted in positive and negative directions. A variety of DC motor coils up to 1600KW, and a set of simple tensioners, can control the tightness of the coils. The general repair factory can choose the above products. If you encounter special large-scale specifications, you can choose the special type. Winding equipment.


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