Wholesale Asynchronous Motor

- Aug 04, 2020-

Large-scale wholesale asynchronous motor, our company in the price is very competitive advantage, welcome to buy.

Asynchronous motor features are as follows: small and lightweight, easy to achieve high speed rotation over 10000r /min, high operating efficiency at high speed low torque, high torque at low speed, wide speed control range, high reliability (solid), low manufacturing cost, simple system device.

The basic characteristics of asynchronous motors are that the rotor windings do not need to be connected with other power sources, and the stator current is directly taken from the AC power system.Compared with other motors, asynchronous motors have simple structure, convenient manufacture, use and maintenance, high reliability, light weight and low cost.Take the three-phase asynchronous motor as an example, compared with the same power, the same speed of dc motor, the former is only half the weight and the latter, the cost is only one third.Asynchronous motors are also easy to derive a variety of products according to the requirements of different environmental conditions.It also has load characteristics close to constant speed, which can meet the requirements of most industrial and agricultural production machinery.Its limitation is that its speed and rotating magnetic field of synchronous speed has a fixed slip (see asynchronous motor), so the speed performance is poor, in the need to have a wider smooth speed range of use (such as driving mill, winch, large machine tools, etc.), as direct current motor economy, convenient.In addition, when asynchronous motors run, they draw reactive power from the power system to excitation, which will lead to the power factor of the power system becoming worse.Therefore, in high power, low speed occasions (such as driving ball mill, compressor, etc.) is not as reasonable as synchronous motor.


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