Wholesale Electric Dc Motor Speed Regulator

- Aug 15, 2019-

wholesale electric dc motor speed regulator


The KCZ1 type low-power DC motor speed regulating board is suitable for the speed adjusting of low-power DC motor, containing negative voltage feedback(or negative speed feedback) and negative current feedback. The user can easily choose the motor speed(or armature voltage) and the armature current negative feedback to form a double closed-loop PI regulator, controlling the phase shift voltage of the thyristor trigger. In order to adjust and stabilize the speed of controlled DC motor, the phase shift voltage is converted into the trigger pulse drive high power thyristor. The board was improved based on the original KJZ1 DC motor speed adjustment board based on the opinions of the majority of users on the KJZ1 board. Compared with the KJZ1 board, it has the following advantages:

1. With a rectifier stabilizer in the board, ± 15V and +24 V power supplies can be generated. In addition to the board itself, ± 15V power supplies can also be used by users.

2. Replace the original KJ004 with TCA785 and replace the original KJ042 with a 555 base, so the peripheral components are further reduced and reliability is further improved. The output pulse is a pulse column.

3. The board contains an overcurrent protection link. After protection, it not only blocks the user's output Pulse, but also separates the main circuit of the user system. At the same time, it can also achieve protection functions based on external fault signals(low levels).

4. The board contains the output pulse amplifier and plastic surgery links, the largest place the user.

5. The board contains a four-way pulse power amplifier unit, so that the board can be used for single-phase bridge full control or single-phase bridge half-control system or double half-wave controllable rectifier system, which meets the needs of different users.


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