Wholesale Induction Engine

- Sep 30, 2020-

wholesale induction engine, then motor working principle motor everywhere!Almost all the mechanical movements you see around the room are caused by AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) motors.By understanding how electric motors work, we can learn a lot about magnets, electromagnets and electricity.This article will describe what causes the motor to keep running.The internal structure of the motor let's first look at the general plan of a simple bipolar DC motor.A simple motor consists of six parts, as shown in the figure below: Armature or rotor commutator brush shaft field magnet. Certain types of DC power motors work in a manner that is related to magnets and magnetism: motors use magnets to generate motion.If you've ever played with a magnet, you know that all magnets have the following basic rules: The same pole repel, and the different pole attract.Thus, if there are two magnets, each with "north" and "south" at each end, the North Pole of one magnet will hold the South Pole of the other.Conversely, the North Pole of one magnet will repel the North Pole of another magnet (the same is true for the South Pole).


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