Wholesale Induction Motors

- Nov 18, 2020-

The wholesale operation induction motor, induction motor can continuously obtain and can accumulate more positive and negative charge of the experimental device.

Induction motor is an experimental device which can obtain and accumulate more positive and negative charges continuously.The voltage generated by the induction motor is high. In combination with other instruments, electrostatic induction, lightning simulation experiment, demonstration of tip discharge and other experiments related to electrostatic phenomena can be conducted.

Induction motor is used to generate electrostatic high voltage in electrostatic experiments. It is used in combination with other instruments for conducting experiments on charge distribution on conductor surface, electrostatic field power lines, tip discharge and discharge of vacuum tubes (some Geissler tubes or Crookes tubes).Electrostatic experiments can also be carried out independently, such as electrostatic induction, spark discharge, tip discharge and change of capacitance of point container (Leiden bottle on the motor).


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