Wholesale Spur Gear Motor Technology Classification

- Apr 19, 2019-

wholesale spur gear motor technology classification

The role of the speed loop is to enhance the system's ability to withstand load disturbances. Therefore, in order to design a high-performance wholesale spur gear motor, it is necessary to adopt a corresponding reasonable control strategy for each ring.

With the development of microelectronics, microprocessor technology and control technology, DC deceleration technology has rapidly evolved from analog to digital. Digital control has enabled many advanced but algorithmic strategies that were previously difficult to implement in analog control to be applied to today's high performance deceleration systems. At present, various control technologies and strategies applied in DC geared motors can be roughly classified into the following three categories:

1. A classical control strategy for the mathematical model of DC motors. Such as: PID control;

2. Control strategy based on modern control theory. Such as: optimal control, adaptive control, sliding mode variable structure control, etc.;

3. Control strategy based on intelligent control ideas. Such as: fuzzy control, neural network control, genetic algorithms.


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