Wholesale Stepper Motors

- Jul 31, 2020-

Customers can customize the design of stepper motor drawing, provide sample customization services, to provide you with dedicated stepper motor solutions, samples tested qualified users can wholesale stepper motor, we also provide quality after-sales service.

With strong technical development capacity and production and sales capacity, the products are sold all over the country, and exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and other countries.After several years, our motor in the development of new products towards the direction of miniaturization, modernization, to provide customers with quality cost-effective solutions is our goal!

About the maximum temperature allowed by stepping motor appearance: the high temperature of stepping motor will first demagnetize the magnetic material of the motor, which will lead to the decrease of torque and even the step loss. Therefore, the maximum temperature allowed by the motor appearance should depend on the demagnetization points of different magnetic materials of the motor;Generally speaking, the magnetic material demagnetization point is in the centigrade 130 degrees above, some even as high as the centigrade 200 degrees above, so the stepping motor surface temperature in centigrade 80-90 degrees completely normal.When the stepping motor rotates, the inductance of each phase winding of the motor will form a reverse electromotive force.The higher the frequency, the greater the reverse ELECTROmotive force.Under its action, the motor increases with frequency (or speed) and the phase current decreases, resulting in a decrease in torque.



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