Why The Era Of Intelligence Can Not Promote Development Of Micro Motor Industry?

- May 19, 2017-

Intelligent vehicle, intelligent hardware, intelligent plant and intelligent home forecast the coming of the era of in intelligence. Intelligent manufacturing movement keeps developing, but the huge development space can not make some changes for the micro motor in China.

The huge opportunity intelligence Era

Intelligent technology, intelligent products and intelligent services draw the attention from all fields. Intellectualization is important development tendency of electrical and information industry. Electrical and information industry is making change and a completely new era of intelligence is opening. The intelligent information of industry including intelligent vehicle, intelligent hardware and intelligent factory will promote the development of electric and information industry, which will offer a new development opportunity, and development space for micro motor industry.    

Analysis group expected that the need of the market for intelligent motorcar has reached to 190 billion yuan in 2005, which including autonomous driving and security system held the high ground. By 2020, it is expected that autonomous driving and security systems will increase five-fold and fourfold respectively and market scale will reach to 700 billion yuan. Car industry is main buyer for the non motor industrial motor and there are more than 30 motors used in an average light vehicle.

Data show that in 2015, China's intelligent manufacturing output value of about 1 trillion yuan, in 2020 is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, CAGR of about 20%.

The demand for motor from household electric appliance and residential products, such as, there are more than 450 million refrigerators and washing machines in use of the motor, which compare with the increasing of the household electric appliance, residential HVAC system has potential to bring the industrial growth faster. Due to people’s pursuit for the suitable life and high efficient production, traditional market or emerging intelligent electronic market, are putting the rapid development of the micro motor market. Stumpage information consulting report shows that there produced 12 billion 400 million sets of micro motors in China, year-on-year growth of 6.0%, global ratio of 70.9%. It is estimated that the production of micro motors will be closed to 17 billion sets, 2016-2020 to a compound annual rate of about 7.0%.

However, the huge development space can not solve the problem of the micro motor industries in China as well as the worrying about the future.

First of all, the domestic micro motor of many manufacturers, the market competition is mainly reflected in the technical content of products, price and production scale, because the market mechanism is imperfect, the industry price competition is more intense, has brought the disadvantageous influence of benign development of the industry. With the enforcement of energy efficiency label of motor, The realization of the survival of the fittest in the marke and the further enhancement of the barriers to entry, price competition will gradually weaken.

Secondly, micro motor industry is facing the pressure of the raising of the labor cost and material cost, the production competition is weakening and profitability is inadequate. At the same time, micro enterprises are facing the problem of increasing the efficient production, product quality,  product performance and so on.

What’s important, even though the intelligent electric industry brings many new development opportunities and blue sea markets like UAV, smart home, intelligent vehicle, automatic production equipments, and service robots and so on. But this field belongs to high-end market, which means that they have more requirements for the products quality and performance in micro motor industries. So many enterprises can not enter the field in a short time but just let the powerful one to take charge of it.

Self-reliant is our foothold

There is a saying: Rome was not built in a day. To achieve the global leadership can not be done at one go and it needs accumulation and improvement. New materials, automation and new technology are the key to enhance competiveness of micro motor enterprises and enter the high-end market.

To enhance competitiveness, on the one hand, we need to reduce production costs, on the other hand, we should improve product quality and performance.Nowadays, automatic production is the only way to solve the cost problem. In turns of the product quality and performance, both basic research and development of magnetic material,as well as drive and control technology are the weakness of our enterprise.

The era of intelligence has more requirements for the motor’s precise control of speed, position and torque. For example, brushless DC motor drive, with high efficiency, low noise and excellent speed regulation performance, gradually replaces the traditional squirrel cage structure AC motor.

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