Working Principle Of Nema 14 Stepper Motor

- Nov 06, 2019-

Working Principle of nema 14 stepper motor

Stepping motor is widely used in control system. It can convert the pulse signal into angular displacement and can be used as an electromagnetic brake wheel, electromagnetic differential generator, or angular displacement generator.

Sometimes stepping motors removed from some old equipment(which are generally not damaged) are used for other purposes and generally need to design their own drives. This article describes the drive designed for the stepper motor removed from an old-style printer made in Japan. Benwenxian introduced the working principle of the stepper motor, and then introduced the hardware and software design of the driver.

1. Working Principle of Stepping Motor

The stepping motor is a four-phase stepping motor and is powered by a unipolar DC power supply. As long as each phase winding of the stepping motor is energized according to the appropriate timing, the stepping motor can be stepped forward.


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