Yanan Electric Group Wants To Set Up A 4S Store Abroad

- Oct 10, 2018-

For a long time, the motor products exported by Fu'an in our province have been plagued by more than three: three large roads, rough processing, and labor-intensive; famous and special, deep fine processing, and low-tech. The single means of competition is to fight the price.

Yanan Electric Group, a leading company in the Fuan electrical machinery industry, which is based on new energy, broke the deadlock. The export of Yanan Electric is radiated to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions. When other companies in Jidong are still producing pumps and blowers, Yanan will launch ordinary generators; when other companies start to produce generators, Yanan will launch silent and environmentally friendly generator sets; when other companies start producing units, Yanan has also launched a brushless AC synchronous generator that represents the world-class level. The research team of Yanan is developing hydrogen generators, which are both efficient, energy-saving, pollution-free and non-emission. And in order to win a competitive advantage, in addition to continuous innovation, the product must go high. A series of products developed by Yanan, such as brushless AC synchronous generators, ultra-quiet diesel generator sets, green energy (wind energy, solar energy) power generation equipment, and hybrid vehicle drive systems, all take the high-end route and focus on the high-end market of international electrical appliances. This move also rewrites the history of the Jidong motor industry that can only produce small power generators. The popularity of Yanan’s trademark YANAN has soared. At the same time, the Yanan Group has long established a strategy to participate in the international economic cycle. It has assembled diesel engines imported from international famous brands and generators produced by Yanan Electric into units, and then exported them to the rest of the world to achieve complementary advantages. In and out, greatly reducing the risk of international trade. Imported bulk materials such as copper and steel are used to reduce costs and achieve trade balance between the two parties. Currently, we are negotiating with key customers in some regions, and directly establish joint venture factories in areas with large market share to achieve localized production. Reduce tariffs and avoid trade frictions. Today, Yanan Group has established more than ten overseas direct sales outlets and after-sales service centers to fully enter the high-end market of international generators.

According to the Yanan Group, there have been a series of measures to enhance the strength of going global in the near future, such as increasing the intensity of marketing and sales promotion, especially to set up warehouses at the doorstep of customers, and implement the marketing model of setting up 4S stores abroad. Send sales and service personnel; increase the development of new products with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and introduce high-level management talents. The goal is to take the globalization strategy.

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