Yaskawa Electric Increases Investment In Industrial Robots

- Oct 10, 2018-

Yaskawa Electric recently held the opening ceremony for the Industrial Robot Demonstration Center Kanto Robot Center. The center will explore and exploit its use in areas where industrial robots such as food, pharmaceuticals and logistics are not yet widely available.

Yaskawa Electric's industrial robots have a large sales base in the automotive industry, and the problem is to open up new uses outside the automotive industry. Most of the company's industrial robots are supplied by engineering companies to end users, so the company hopes that these engineering companies will deepen their understanding of industrial robots through the Kanto Robot Center and recommend robots to end users.

The center will invest in a total of 14 robot systems for multiple industries and uses. By introducing and explaining the scenes of the engineering company's actual running robot to the end user who intends to realize robot automation and the end user who does not know much about the robot, the end user's understanding of the robot is deepened. Yaskawa also hopes that engineering companies will deepen their understanding of robots. In addition, operations and safety training for users who have already imported robots can be performed at the center.

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