Yokogawa Executives Focus On Cloud Services To Create Customer Value Through Integrated Data

- Nov 05, 2018-

Yokogawa executives focus on cloud services to create customer value through integrated data

At the 20th Annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando on February 8th, SatoruKurosu and Simon Wright from Yokogawa discussed the cloud-based solutions and how to create customer value. Kurosu is the director and executive vice president of Yokogawa. His topic is to create customer value outside the factory. Simon Wright, CEO of the Yokogawa Industrial Knowledge Business Unit, discusses cloud-based advanced solutions connected to customers. Wright was the CEO of IndustrialEvolution, a cloud-based factory data sharing service that was acquired by Yokogawa in January 2016.

Kurosu said the new business unit, formed after the acquisition of IndustrialEvolution, aims to provide synergy and customer value through integrated data and analytics. In addition, the new business unit provides a secure cloud platform, data as a service (DaaS) and business applications.

Wright said the company's efforts in DaaS began in 2000, mainly in oil and gas utilities. It builds on OsisoftPI and Structured Query Language (SQL), delivering data to data centers and a private cloud and adding analytics to scales to millions of data points.

Both discuss the business strategy of advanced solutions. Advanced solutions integrate operational technology and information technology to help industrial organizations create value, promote sustainable business growth and build synergies that contribute to effective business transformation.

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