Yuchai's Six-stage Engine Is The First In China

- Dec 04, 2018-

Yuchai's six-stage engine is the first in China

Guangxi Yuchai Co., Ltd. released 14 vehicle-class national six-stage engines on the 8th. It is the first engine company in China to release the series of six national products, marking Yuchai once again leading the emission reduction technology of China's internal combustion engine industry with a number of cutting-edge cutting-edge technologies. trend.

Of the 14 national six-stage engines released by Yuchai, 10 are diesel engines and 4 are gas engines. Compared with the Guowu engine, the Yuchai Guoliu engine has significantly improved its comfort, light weight, reliability and economy compared with the Guowu engine. At present, domestic mainstream vehicle companies such as Dongfeng Commercial, Dongfeng, Liuqi, Jianghuai, Yutong Bus, Jinlong Bus, etc., have fully launched the supporting work of Yuchai National Six-stage engine.

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