Yuchai YC6MK Engine Seizes The Market Of High-power Heavy Machine

- Sep 29, 2018-

Heavy-duty vehicle power has always been a battleground for the military. Especially in the last two years, with the rapid development of the domestic heavy-duty vehicle market, the commanding heights of heavy-duty truck power have become the top priority for mainstream engine suppliers such as Yuchai, Weichai and Cummins.

If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. Yuchai, who has just entered the heavy-duty power market for a few years, wants to open this market, and must have a weapon to get it. That's right, the 2011 version of the YC6MK heavy machine is one of them.

Excessive: lower displacement and higher power

The reporter learned that Yuchai's newly launched YC6MK engine has a displacement of 10.3L and a power coverage of 300-420PS. 

According to statistics, at present, the domestic heavy-duty truck engine market has a displacement of about 10L, which is the largest market segment. In terms of power, high-power is one of the main trends in the development of heavy-duty trucks. A horsepower, last year was 310 horsepower, and this year will reach 320 horsepower. It can be seen that the Yuchai YC6MK heavy machine not only targets the largest subdivision in terms of displacement, but also reaches the average level of heavy truck engines this year in power, and can meet the upgrade requirements in the next few years.

YC6MK engine.jpg

However, the 10L displacement engine is also the most competitive market for heavy machinery in China. Compared with these competing products, what are the characteristics of Yuchai YC6MK?

According to Yuchai technicians, there is an obvious shortage in some domestic heavy-duty products with a displacement of about 10L. The power is low. The maximum power of some 10L engine products on the market is only 300 horsepower or 400 horsepower. For higher power, you must purchase a higher displacement engine, and higher displacement means higher fuel consumption. This is obviously not cost-effective in today's soaring oil prices.

Yuchai YC6MK heavy machine solved this problem very well. The same is about 10L displacement, the power can cover 300-420PS. The lower displacement and higher power are the advantages of Yuchai YC6MK.

It is worth mentioning that Yuchai YC6MK heavy machine can fully meet the national IV emission requirements. This allows users who purchase YC6MK to face the upgrade of domestic vehicle emission standards in the next few years, and will be more suitable for cities with higher emission requirements such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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