Zhejiang's First Export Motor Product Quality And Safety Demonstration Zone Settled In Huzhou City

- Oct 28, 2018-

Zhejiang's first export motor product quality and safety demonstration zone settled in Huzhou City

In order to implement the State Council's "Quality Development Outline (2011-2020)" and promote the quality and strong city strategy, the Huzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the Nanxun District Government jointly signed the "Creating a Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone for Motor Export Products in Nanxun District to Promote the Healthy Development of Local Economy". Memorandum of Cooperation, this "memorandum" marks that the two sides will jointly create the first export quality product safety and safety demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province, further enhance the quality and safety and core competitiveness of Nanxun Motor's export products, and promote the healthy development of the open economy.

After signing the "memorandum", the Nanxun District Government will work closely with the Huzhou City Inspection and Quarantine Department. The two sides will further promote the quality-winning strategy and implement a series of regional management measures, including increasing policy guidance and support, and implementing a fast customs clearance mechanism for export goods. Providing technical inspections and services, helping enterprises to cope with foreign technology trade barriers, driving joint law enforcement supervision, establishing information sharing and exchange mechanisms, playing a good role in the platform of the association, and strengthening self-discipline in the industry, gradually forming a "government responsibility, the company is responsible The functional departments of the export motor are responsible for the responsibility of the work, the role of the industry associations, the role of the industry associations, and the concern of the whole society.

By constructing a long-term supervision mechanism for the quality and safety of motor export products, it is conducive to the expansion of export share of the motor industry, and the Nanxun motor export industry will become a quality and safety demonstration zone with influence, scale, high-end and brand at home and abroad, thus promoting the region. Open economy development.

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