Computer Dc Motor

Computer Dc Motor

Model: TW-DC555 Series
Classification:Micro DC Motor
Application:Printer, Drill, Car Antenna, Garden Tools. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

computer dc motor

1. Product Introduction of the computer motor

We are electric motor supplier. We have exported our products to many countries and regions all over the world, especially European countries. All of our products are in line with international quality standards and in various markets around the world.

2. Product Parameter of the computer motor


3. Product Feature And Application of the computer motor

Characteristics: High efficiency, Low noise, long service life

4. Production Details of the computer motor


5. Product Qualification of the computer motor

We all have relevant product qualifications

6.Delivery, Shipping And Serving of the computer motor

Delivery: Small order for about one month

Transportation: by sea or by air, according to customer requirements

Service: one year service


Q:Do you accept any agent in Europe?

A:Yes, we can discuss agent case after we continuous making mass orders. However, we must confirm the MOQ mass order quantity before we sign the contract.

Q:What is the current status of motor protectors?

A:At present, the motor protector has evolved from the past mechanical type to electronic and intelligent type, with high sensitivity, high reliability, many functions and convenient debugging. The current, voltage, temperature and other parameters of the motor can be directly displayed, and the types of faults after the protection action are clear at a glance, which greatly facilitates the judgment of the fault, and is beneficial to the fault handling at the production site and shortening the recovery production time. In addition, according to the motor air gap magnetic field, the motor eccentricity detection technology makes it possible to monitor the wear state of the motor online. The curve shows the change trend of the value reflecting the eccentricity of the motor, and records the change of the value in two years, so that the bearing fault can be found early. Do early detection, early treatment, and avoid broom accidents.

Q: How many workers you have in your factory and your Hong Kong Corp?

A:We totally have over 1000 workers for our 3 branches. We welcome you visit our plants any time you are available.

Q:Do you also produce other type motors ?

A:Yes,we also produce other type motors. Such as DC motor, Universal motors. gear motors. Induction motors, brushless motors. we can make all kinds of motors.

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