Grass Cutter Motor

Grass Cutter Motor

Model: TW-UM88 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:field mower , lawn mower ,grass cutter, Food Processor, Chopper, Meat Miner, etc.
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

grass cutter motor

1.Product Introduction of the grass cutter motor

Our company mainly provides DC motors and AC motors. Then the series motor and gearbox are our main products. Customers are very satisfied with our products.

2. Product Parameter of the grass cutter motor


3. Product Feature 

Typical Application: grass cutter

4.The main production line equpment and other machines for the motor.

Main production lien equpment: Full automatic rotor production line;Automatic stator winding production line;Automatci balance machine;Automatci insulation paper inserting machine;Automatic motor performance checking system.Etc.


5.Product Qualification 

Certificate: CCC. ROHS.CE.UL.Etc

6.The goods delivery, packing, shipping, customs clerance,of the grass cutter motor

MOQ: We usually accept to mass order, don’t accpet small quantity order.our MOQ for this type motor will be 500pcs at least.

Packing: by strong carton packing or wooden pallet

Shipping time:It usually take 10~25days by the vessel line.sometimes it takes longger time due to the port in full capacity.

Customs clearance:We will send all dcouments before goods arrive to your port.we also can help to make telex release for your receving goods faster.


Q:What are the reasons for the motor three-phase current imbalance?

A:(1) Three-phase voltage imbalance;

(2) The welding of a certain phase branch inside the motor is poor or the contact is not good;

(3) Short circuit between motor windings or short circuit to ground and phase;

(4) Wiring error.

Q:Why can't a 60Hz motor be connected to a 50Hz power supply?

A:When designing the motor, the silicon steel sheet is generally operated in the saturation region of the magnetization curve. When the power supply voltage is constant, lowering the frequency will increase the magnetic flux, and the excitation current

Q:What are the reasons for the motor phase loss?

Power supply:

(1) Poor contact in the switch;

(2) Transformer or line disconnection;

(3) Insurance fuses.


(1) The motor terminal box screw loose contact is poor;

(2) Poor internal wiring;

(3) The motor winding is broken.

Q:What are the causes of abnormal vibration and sound of the motor?

Mechanical aspects:

A:(1) poor bearing lubrication and bearing wear;

(2) The bearing chamber is too large.

(3) The fastening screw is loose;

(4) There are debris in the motor.

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