Mowing Machine Motor

Mowing Machine Motor

Model: TW-YY71IV Series
Classification:Induction Motor
Application:Mower, Grass cutter, Garden tools, Blender. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

mowing machine motor

1. Product Introduction

We provide high quality mower motor sample testing. All products must undergo rigorous inspection before leaving the factory. We believe that when you see our motors, you will be satisfied with our products. . We have been engaged in this business for many years. If you are interested, we can provide you with more product details. We also offer series and brushless motors.

2. Product Parameter


3. Main categories of power tool products

Main categories: Power tool products mainly include industrial and family areas. The difference is the working power of the product, the torque and the operating frequency of the motor. This type of motor is often used in home areas such as home lawns, kitchens, and patios.

4. Production details

Motor size and motor material can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The technical information of the motor can also be designed based on the final product information. The figure below and the picture only show our standard motor types and their dimensions

5. Main certificate and export document requirements

Main certificate: CCC; CE; VDE; ROHS; UL; UVA; MD; LVD.Etc. Different motor types have different certificates, and we can also apply for certificates according to customer requirements.

Major Export DOC: These documents will be prepared by the relevant Chinese authorities and the local Chinese government. Such as customs, taxation, China Export Center. We can also produce a variety of different documents according to different customer needs.

6. Cargo transportation, packaging, transportation, customs declaration

Minimum order quantity: We usually accept large orders and do not accept small orders. The minimum order quantity for this type of motor is at least 500 pcs.

Shipping time: Ships usually take 10 to 25 days. Sometimes it takes a long time because the port is full.

Customs clearance: We will send all items before the goods arrive at your port. We can also help you get your telex release faster for your goods.


Q:Do you provide OEM services? Can I request my own logo?

A:Yes, we can provide OEM services for product with volume. Feel free to asking us of the details about your branding needs.

Q:What kind motors you can provide?

A:For now, we mainly provide permanent magnet brushed dc motors (including vibration motors, low voltage dc motors and high voltage dc motors),AC universal motors, reduction gear motors and other types of motors.

Q:Is there a MOQ for your motors?

A:Yes. The MOQ is between 1000~10,000pcs for different models after sample approval. But it's also okay for us to accept smaller lots like a few dozens, hundreds or thousands for the initial 3 orders after sample approval. for samples, there is no MOQ requirement. But the less the better (like no more than 5pcs) on condition that the quantity is enough in case any changes needed after initial testing.

Q:When will make delivery ?                                                                                

A: -Sample Order: 1-3 days after receipt of the full payment.   

-Stock Order: 3-7days after receipt of the full payment 

-OEM Order: 12-20days after receipt of the deposit.  


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