Power Tool Ac Motor

Power Tool Ac Motor

Model: TW-5512 Series
Classification:Permanent Magnet Motor
Application:Vacuum cleaner, Air pump, Hair dryer, Water pump. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

power tool ac motor

1. Product Introduction of the power tool motor

We provide AC motor for electric tools. The 5512 is one of them. If you need other types, you can contact us. We have professional engineers and are of top-notch technology to meet your needs.

2. Product Parameter 






Load    Performance






















3.The motor main character and technical request

Motor main character: This type motor own fast speed,high power,big power and long working life,widely used for all kinds of home appliances and garden tools etc. charactter.and also the motor voltage can be adjusted

4.The motor specificaiton,dimension,techincal.Etc details

We attached our popluar normal standard motor types for your reference.you can check in our attachment.as to other dimension,specification,Etc.we can change and deign according to customer demand.the motor can be customized by different working and loading requirments from different final products applications.


5. Product Qualification 

Certificate: CCC.ROHS.CE.UL.Etc

6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of the power tool motor

we need to start to make business from the mass orders. then if your order quantity is keeping rising up to a good numbers, we can confirm our agent case.

we can help to send you a invitation letter by official email. and you can use our this email to make applying visa and the Chinese Canton fair.

7. FAQ

Q:Are the Gill motor and oven motor means the same motors?

A:Yes, we can call the grill motor as the oven motor. They are same meaning by different name in different country people’s habit.

Q: How fast can you help to make 1 container for the grill and other normal motors?

A:As to normal model motors. we can produce at least 30Kpcs everyday .so you can image, It only need half day for us to make 1 container motors.

Q: Do you have exporting business sales team, If you have, how is the English skills? A:Yes.we do. We have very much professional exporting business sales team and they are very good at English no matter by speaking and writing.

Q:Do you have any shipping forwarder can making the shipment case? 

A: Yes, we have very stable shipping agent. and our shipping agent is very powerful and professional for all kind of shipping Corp.


The permanent magnet type DC motor is also composed of a stator pole, a rotor, a brush, a casing, etc. The stator pole is made of a permanent magnet (permanent magnet), and has ferrite, aluminium nickel cobalt, neodymium iron boron and the like. According to its structural form, it can be divided into cylindrical type and tile type. Most of the electric motors used in VCRs are cylindrical magnets, while most of the motors used in electric tools and automotive appliances use block magnets.

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