Ac Power Motor

Ac Power Motor

Model: TW-UM88 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Food Processor, Chopper, Meat Miner, Grinder, etc.
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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120V big torque motor




Q: What is your after-sales service?

A: It is difficult to tell you the papers because we are shipped abroad, but our products have a one-year warranty for most countries!

Q: Can you offer some special people to work with us to make bulk orders?

A: Yes, we can. It depends on how big your order quantity is.

Q: How fast is the mixer motor?

A: For this mixer motor, the speed will exceed 15000 rpm. We can also increase the speed, but that means we need to change the design and make better motor materials, and the price will be very expensive.

Q: Can you send us samples within one week?

A: Yes, if this type of motor is a common model we use, we promise that our customers will send samples within one week. For some special motors, it takes longer for us to make samples.

Q:We only have basic dimension and performance data, can you help to design? 

A:Yes,we can help you design the motor, but we must confirm your motor’s applications. And all other basic info we must confirmed.

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