Pulverizer Motor

Pulverizer Motor

Model: TW-UM98 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Mixer, Breaking machine, Pulverizer, High speed blender, etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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120V pulverizer motor




Q: Can you tell your engineers to draw for us before making samples? A: Yes. We can. We must do this before making samples. This is the basic procedure for making samples and business. We can't make a sample without your signature.

Q: Motor performance, size, size and speed, torque. Can you modify it?

A: Yes, the parameters of the motor can be customized. We also need to confirm these technical data before you approve our samples. We were unable to start a bulk order without sample approval. Therefore, it is very important that we approve the samples together.


Q: How do you ensure the quality of your motor according to our requirements?

A: We all have to sign samples that we all approve. All process and technical standards will be fixed in our production program system to avoid any problems. The final motor will be identical to the approved sample we signed at the beginning.

Q: Can we get our freight forwarder to contact you for all shipping and documents?

A: Yes, if we do business under the FOB terms, you can tell your transportation company to contact us and we will try our best to provide services for this case.

Q: Are the 8820 and 9535 motors of the same type?

A: No, they are similar motors for the same food processing motor applications.

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