Kibbler Motor

Kibbler Motor

Model: TW-UM98 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Mixer, Breaking machine, High speed blender, etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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230V big kibbler motor




Q: What is your fastest delivery time?

A: Since we have a busy season, the delivery time depends on the number of different orders and different years. We usually only need 20-30 days to order in bulk.

Q:Do you have any foreign sales can help us to choose motors?

A: Yes. we do. We have many foreign sales who can help you to choose motors. They also can speak good English with good motor technical skills.

Q:Can we buy your motors from our Chinese agent or Chinese friend?

A:Yes, you can do this. But we must fix all details. Such as the unit price, payment terms, delivery case, and if like this, you need to handle the exporting case.

Q: Does the grill motor and oven motor mean the same motor?

A: Yes, we can call the grill motor an oven motor. Their names are different in the habits of people in different countries.

Q: Can a universal motor be used for a grill or an oven?

A: No. General-purpose motors are commonly used in mixers, mixers, etc., which have high speed and high power and are suitable for various household products.

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