Electric Driller Motor

Electric Driller Motor

Model: TW-UM54 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application: Hairdryer, Mixer, Blender, Coffee Mill, Electric Knife, Electric driller, Grinder, etc.
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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electric driller motor



Q: How far is your factory from the loading port?

A: It takes only one hour from our factory to our local loading port. We are very convenient to transport.

Q: Can you ask my Chinese friend to buy your gear motor?

A: Yes, you can let others buy a geared motor from us. However, we must first sign a contract to avoid any problems.

Q: How many camera motors do you produce each year?

A: We produce about 5K per day, so the annual camera motor capacity will exceed 600Kpcs, but if you need more. We can also make it.

Q: What is your fastest delivery time?

A: Since we have a busy season, the delivery time depends on the number of different orders and different years. We usually only need 20-30 days to order in bulk.

Q: Can you offer some special people to work with us to make bulk orders?

A: Yes, we can. However, it depends on how big your order quantity is.

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