Electric Knife Motor

Electric Knife Motor

Model: TW-UM54 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application: Hairdryer, Mixer, Blender, Coffee Mill, Electric Knife, Electric driller, Grinder, etc.
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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HC5420 electric Knife motor 




Q:What is your delivery case?

A:We delivery motors according to different quantity.we usually delivery them by ocean vesssel.


Q: What is the preparation time for samples and bulk orders?

A: The sample lead time is 2 weeks, and the batch order lead time depends on the order quantity. Bulk orders usually take 30-40 days.


Q:Can you ask my chinese friend to buy your gear motors?

A:Yes,you can let some other one to buy gear motors from us.however,we must make the contract first in order to avoid any problems.


Q:Do you accept other curency to make business,such as Euros?

A:Yes,we can accept different currency to make the business.

Q: How fast can you help to make 1 container for the grill and other normal motors?

A:As to normal model motors.we can produce at least 30K pcs everyday.so,you can image,It only need half day for us to make 1 container motors.

Q:Can you offer some special people to work with us in placing mass orders?

A:Yes,we can.however,it depends on how big of your mass orders quantity.


Q: How long can make 20K pcs garage gate motor?

A:It usually take around 20-30 days to make this mass order.at the beginning,it takes longger time,but when we making continous mass order.it will be much shorter time.


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