Food Mixing Motor

Food Mixing Motor

Model: TW-UM54 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Hairdryer, Mixer,Food processing, Blender, Coffee Mill, Electric knife, Electric driller, Grinder, etc.
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Food mixing motor



Q:Do you also produce the  different cameras?

A:No,we don’t produce cameras,we produce camera motor for the camera applications.but,if you need buy cameras,I also can introduce some factory to you


Q: What is the CNC equipment motor character? 

A: The CNC equipment motor need high torque,high efficency,enout big power and the most important things is the speed,voltage,power etc must be adjustable. 


Q: I dont know the exact required parameter, how should I choose a suitable model ?

A:It is simple for us to help you to introduce some model motors for your need to tell us some basical techincal datas before we supporting you!


Q: How far from your factory to the loading port?

A:It only takes 1 hours from our factory to our local loading port.and it is very convenient for us to make the transpotation.  


Q:What is your Hongkong Corp name and can it help to make transfer money?

A:Yes,we can use our Hongkong Corp to transfer money and making business.and my Hongkong Corp name is ‘TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LTD”.


Q: Can you send me some oven motor samples before making mass orders?

A:yes.we can.and we need and also we must make samples before start making mass orders.and also we must make all techincal standard for our future mass orders


Q: How many days you are working for every week?

A:We usually work 5 days to 6 days.however,sometimes.our workers need to make over working due to a lot mass orders schedule

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