High Speed Mixer Motor

High Speed Mixer Motor

Model: TW-DC48 Series
Classification:Permanent Magnet Motor
Application:High speed Blender, Mixer, Mincer, Garden tool. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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High speed blender motor




Q: Can other types of motors be used with high speed motors?

A: Yes, our universal motors and other DC motor models are also available for high speed mixers. It depends on your different needs.

Q: How do we confirm the motor model and motor size?

A: The motor model usually needs to be confirmed by your motor application, and the motor size needs to be confirmed by your product size. 

Q: How fast is the mixer motor?

A: For this mixer motor, the speed will exceed 15000 rpm. We can also increase the speed, but this means we need to change the design and make better motor material manufacturing.

Q: Can I have my Chinese friend review your factory?

A: Yes. You are very welcome to visit. I will personally welcome your friends.

Q: Can we get our freight forwarder to contact you for all shipping and documents?

A: Yes, we will cooperate fully.

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