Electric Curtain Gear Motor

Electric Curtain Gear Motor

Model: TW-GMP20 Series
Classification:Planetary DC Gear Motor
Application:Curling iron, Electric curtain, Hair curler, Hair divider, Electronic lock,Projector, Camera devices, Vehicle-lock, Steel Safe.etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED. is a new technology enterprise, mainly engaged in, micro-motor, micro-generator, gearbox motor brushless motor and related products design, development and production. Products are mainly used in electric model aircraft, medical equipment, automation equipment, hand-operated flashlight, hand-operated charger, emergency charger, hand-operated radio and so on.

1.Product Introduction

We have automated and sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment, well-trained operators and quality control professionals, the implementation of a comprehensive and coherent quality management system. There are dozens of types of micro-motor, including GM12, GM16, GM17, GM20, GM25 motor series.

2. Product Parameter

-1. Plastic gear: Plastic gear metal shaft, smooth transmission, low noise

-2. Planetary Sun gear: precision gear hobbing process, long life, stable performance

-3.D type output shaft: D type output shaft is processed milling edge, increase the force friction,  so that motor torque increase, another can be lengthened, coarsely customized.

-4. Pure copper wire: pure copper wire motor configuration, stator and rotor using pure copper wire coil, reduce resistance, enhance conductivity.

-5. Thread hole location: gear box with 4 thread holes can be fixed position


3.Product Application:

Household Appliances: Integrated cooker,Coffee maker, Intelligent closestool, Sweeping robot, Dish-washing Machine, Cooker hood, Electric lock.

Hair Care: Massager, Electric Hair Clipper

Office Equipment: Shredder, Printer, Projector, Counting Machine

Medical Equipment:Massage chair, Electric trolley, Medical pump, Electric bed, Wheelchair

Industrial Equipment: Water,electrical and gas valve, Air switch, Pump, Automatic door, Automatic lubrication equipment.

Business Equipment: Vending machines, Parking locks, ATM machines, Stage lights. Intelligent Robot: Mechanical Arm, UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Service Robot

Typical applications:


4.Production Details

Can Be customized according to the different needs of customers, focusing on technological strength and independent R & D of the manufacturers


5.Certificate: CCC. ROHS. CE. UL. Etc

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the market-oriented, quality-oriented, science and technology-oriented spirit of the enterprise, and established a complete set of sound quality management system, we will fully implement the quality policy of pragmatic innovation, continuous improvement, quality-based win-win and customer satisfaction


6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving

MOQ: 100pcs.according to unit price and customer request

Transportation: By air or vessel, according to customer request

Production lead time: 15-40 days after receipt of approval samples and receipts


7. FAQ

Q: Are there drawings or parameters that can be customized?

A: Hello, yes; please provide us with the gear box motor parameters you require.


Q: Can I have a brushless motor?

A: Hello, yes; you can have brushless or brush motor, Hollow Cup and stepper motor according to your product requirement.


Q: What is the voltage, power, and diameter range of your decelerating motor?

A: Hello, we are all DC voltage below 36V (3v-36V) .


Q: How do I get a sample?

A: Hello, through the inquiry or mail message to us, leaving relevant information, thank you.

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