Garage Gate Motor

Garage Gate Motor

Model: TW-GMP56 Series
Classification:Garage gate Motor
Application:Garage gate, Automatic doors, Medical equipment .Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirments

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Product Details

Garage Gate motor

The garage gate motor have many model and size,they can be desigend according to customer’s techincal request.usually,we can just make the reduction ratio changes to reach the different performance.motor size also can be changed.the garage gate motor also can be used for other appliances,such as medical,device,fixture,household product.Etc.we warmly welcome you make any enquiry for our motors.




Q: How long can make 20K pcs garage gate motor?

A:It usually take around 20-30 days to make this mass the beginning,it takes longger time,but when we making continous mass will be much shorter time


Q:Do you have any foreign sales can help us to choose motors?

A: yes.we do.we have many foreign sales who can help you to choose motors.they also can speak good english with good motor techincal skills.


Q:What is your Hongkong Corp name and can it help to make transfer money?

A:Yes,we can use our Hongkong Corp to transfer money and making business.and my Hongkong Corp name is ‘TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LTD”.


Q: How many workers you have in your factory and your Hongkong Corp?

A:We totally have over 1000 workers for our 3 branches.we welcome you visit our plants any time you are availabe


Q:Can we buy your motors from our chinese agent or chinese friend?

A:Yes, you can do this.but we must fix all details.such as the unit price,payment case.and if like this,you need to handle the exporting case.

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