Grill Motor

Grill Motor

Model: TW-SY70TYDB Series
Classification:Grill Motor
Application:Oven, Grill, Household appliances . Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirments

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Product Details

Grill motor

We are a private enterprise, registered in Shezhen Special Economic Zone, China, specialized in supplying all kinds of motors to our customers. We called this grill motor also as name of oven motor which widely used for home appliances.especially this is kind of grill and grill motor are very populare in Europ,USA and other developed country.we can also offer you some replaced motors once we can make the continous motors.and also our motors have years gurantee




Q:Are the Gill motor and oven motor means the same motors?

A:Yes, we can call the grill motor as the oven motor.they are same meanning by different name in different country people’s habit


Q:Can the universal motor used for grill or oven?

A:No it cann’t.the universal motor are usually use for blender,mixer,Etc which has very high speed with big power for all kinds of household produce


Q: Can we make separeted payment after receving goods? cann’t.we can’t accept this kind of payment terms.we prefer to make business by L/C or T/T in advance.this is too much risks for us


Q:How long you can gurantee your motors?

A: Our motors gurantee usually depends on our contract we ever signed.usually,we gurantee 6 month to 1 year for our motors.but,the rules is the motors problem can only come from us not by yourside


Q:Do you accept other curency to make business,such as Euros,RMB.Etc?

A:Yes,we can accept different currency to make the business.


Q: How fast can you help to make 1 container for the grill and other normal motors?

A:As to normal model motors.we can produce at least 30K pcs,you can image,It only need half day for us to make 1 container motors.


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