Integrated Cooker Gear Motor

Integrated Cooker Gear Motor

Model: TW-GMP20 Series
Classification:Planetary DC Gear Motor
Application:Integrated cooker, Coffee maker, Intelligent closestool Curling iron,Electric curtain, Hair curler, Hair divider, Electronic lock, Projector,Camera devices,Vehicle-lock, Steel Safe.etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

1.Product Introduction

Many combination schemes can be formed between motor products and spur gear box, planetary gear box, encoder, brake, controller. You can provide your product requirements to our marketing staff, we will select or design the most suitable combination for you. it is very important to confirm motor's applications due to different product require different motor's technical performance. our customers usually will inform the product details and working environment and conditions for us making motor design.


2. Product structure

The electric comb decelerating motor has the exquisite structure and the extremely high power transmission, its performance is absolutely excellent. High Torque and all kinds of speed adjustable, low noise and low clearance; deceleration motor can meet almost all requirements.


3.Product usage:

Household Appliances: Electric curtain,Integrated cooker,Coffee maker, Intelligent closestool, Sweeping robot, Dish-washing Machine, Cooker hood, Electric lock.

Hair Care:Hair Curler, Massager, Electric Hair Clipper

Office Equipment: Shredder, Printer, Projector, Counting Machine

Medical Equipment:Massage chair, Electric trolley, Medical pump, Electric bed, wheelchair

Industrial Equipment: Water,electrical and gas valve, Air switch, Pump, Automatic door, Automatic lubrication equipment.

Business Equipment: Vending machines, Parking locks, ATM machines, Stage lights. Intelligent Robot: Mechanical Arm, UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Service Robot

Typical applications:



4.Production parameter and character

The reduction motor will be serialized according to different customers'requirements by changing the output part structure, internal process parameters, electrical connection and other factors (for example: opposite-sex Shaft, high-speed bearing, flange thread connection, special cable, etc. Can Bring you great convenience, more reliable and efficient delivery of your products in time.

1)-.Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
2)-.20mm gear motor provide 0.3Nm torque and more reliable
3)-.Suitable to small diameter, low noise and big toque 

4)-.Dc Gear motors can match encoder,3ppr
5)-.Reduction Ratio: 29、31、56、73、78、107、140、182、268、349、456、488.etc


5.Certificate: CCC. ROHS. CE. UL. Etc


6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving

1. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. Quick online contact reply.

2. High Quality, reasonable price, fast delivery.

3. All products should be checked before packing.

4. Good packing to minimize damage in transit


7. FAQ

Q:How long you can guarantee your motors?

A: Our motors guarantee usually depends on our contract we ever signed. Usually we guarantee 6 month to 1 year for our motors. But the rules is the motors problem can only come from us not by your side.

Q: Can you inform your engineer to make drawing for us before making samples? A:Yes.we can. we also must do this before making samples. this is our basic procedure to make samples and business. Without your signature, we can’t make samples.

Q:Can I let my Chinese friend to go to audit your factory? can. however, if you need to visit and audit our factory. We need to confirm your details of your visit schedule. Such as the date, the people and the main audit content.

Q:How can we become your sales agent in Europe? 

A: We can discuss the agent case. but the agent must ensure a enough big order quantity for a whole year. So we need to start to make business from the mass orders. then if your order quantity is keeping rising up to a good numbers, we can confirm our agent case.

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