Optical Equipment Motor

Optical Equipment Motor

Model: TW-GMP16 Series
Classification:optical equipment motor
Application:Optical equipment, Montitoring cameras, Office equipment.Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirments

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optical equipment motor

The motor model GMP16RPO50 series motor we called planetary gear motor.this kind of motor has very good quality,high effiency,torque,low noisy and speed,voltage,current etc adjustable.it widely used for Optical equipment,Montitoring cameras,Kind of figer-electroni locks,Automatic energy saving bath,Water IC card, Toys and gifts,Office equipment,Household appliances,Automatic actuator.etc.




Q: Can you make the optical equipment motor with bigger size?

A:Yes,we can make the bigger or smaller size by different request.


Q:We don’t have samples and we only have pictures,can you help to make samples?

A: Be honest,it is very hard to make samples by only according to pictures.we must confirm the motor technical data with applications.but,we can help to design.


Q:Can you offer your optical equipment motor technical data for us checking?

A:Yes,we can offer some info.but,we must confirm if your basically info.and we also can help to send some technical drawing to you to confirm


Q: what is your after-sales Service?

A:to be frankly,it is very hard to tell you their due to we shipped to around,but our product has one year warranty for most countries!


Q:Do you provide OEM services? Can I request my own logo?

A:Yes, we can provide OEM services for product with volume. Feel free to asking us of the details about your branding needs.


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