120V Stepping Motor

120V Stepping Motor

Model: TW-ST28HS Series
Classification:Stepping Motor
Application:Machinery, Electronics, Textile devices, Hardware, High precision equipment, Precision instrument, Industrial, automation and control devices, Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

120V stepping motor

1. Product Introduction 

The stepper motor can be converted from rotary motion to linear motion in several mechanical ways, including rack and pinion drives and belt and pulley drives, as well as other mechanical coupling mechanisms. All of these designs require a variety of mechanical parts. The most effective way to accomplish this transition is in the motor itself.

2. Product Parameter 

Model No

Rated Voltage (V)

Rated Current (A)

Phase Resistance (Ω)

Motor Length (mm)

















3. The product working range and working condition 

Product working range:  Devices, Machinery, Textile, Hardware, High precision instrument, Industrials, Electronics, etc areas.

Product working condition: the motor working condition is according to the product working status. it has different working voltage with different power, torque, speed, current and also other requirements. 


4. Production Details

The basic stepper motor is rotated by a magnetic rotor core that interacts with the pulsating stator electromagnetic field generated by the stator. Linear motors convert rotational motion into linear motion, and the precision of this transformation depends on the step angle of the rotor and the chosen method.


5. Product Qualification 

Certificate: CCC. ROHS.CE. UL. Etc

6.The goods storage, transportation, packing .Etc 

Motor’s storage: we can allow the motor keep in our warehouse within 1 month without charge

Transportation: sometimes we need make the goods delivery by air if customer urgent need.

Packing: by strong carton packing or wooden pallet



Q: What types of price term you can offer?
A: Our price term is mostly FOB Shenzhen. Also, we can do CIF. it depend on our

disgusting and your special demand

Q:Can you offer your accurate price before making samples?

A:Sorry,we can’t offer you the accurate price before making samples. Because this CNC equipment motor has different technical request, it means the motor will be different. So we need time to check and offer you accurate price after finish sample

Q: Can we make separated payment after receiving goods?

A:Sorry.you can’t. We can’t accept this kind of payment terms. We prefer to make business by L/C or T/T in advance. This is too much risks for us.

Q:How can we confirm the motor model and motor size?

A:The motor model usually need confirm by your motor’s applications. Such as the household or device, and also the motor size need to be confirmed by your exactly producton’s dimension. We both need to confirm the rough drawing and details.

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