230V Stepping Motor

230V Stepping Motor

Model: TW-ST110HC Series
Classification:Stepping Motor
Application:Machinery, Precision equipment, Precision instrument, Industrial, automation and control devices, ATM machine, spraying machine, carving machine. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

230V stepping motor

We are one of the electric motor producers in SZ, china. With excellent reliability, high performance and long running times, we have been well received around the world. We can also supply gear motors as well as dc motors.

1.Product Introduction

As an actuator, stepper motor is one of the key products of mechatronics and is widely used in various automation control systems. With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand for stepper motors is increasing day by day, and it has applications in various national economic fields.

2. Product Parameter 



Step Angle


Rated Current


Phase Resistance


Phase Inductance


Holding Torque

(Kg. cm)














3. The important running working attentions 

The working attentions: when the product working, it must follow the instruction of the motor running condition. such as: notes the working voltage, working style, working conditions and working cycles. once the motor stop working, it needs professional people to check. following the product working manual to avoid problems.

4. The main production line equipment and other machines for the motor.


Main production lien equipment: Full automatic rotor production line; Automatic stator winding production line; Automatic balance machine; Automatic insulation paper inserting machine; Automatic motor performance checking system. Etc.


5.Product Categories

The more commonly used stepping motors include reactive stepping motors (VR), permanent magnet stepping motors (PM), hybrid stepping motors (HB), and single-phase stepping motors.

6.Principle of motion

The stepping motor is another name for "stepping motor" in the industry. The stepping motor is an open-loop control element that converts an electrical pulse signal into an angular displacement or a linear displacement. In the case of non-overloading, the speed and stop position of the motor depend only on the frequency of the pulse signal and the number of pulses, and are not affected by the load change, that is, a pulse signal is applied to the motor, and the motor is rotated by a step angle.



Q: How long can make 20Kpcs garage gate motor?

A:It usually take around 20-30 days to make this mass order. at the beginning, it takes longer time, but when we making continuous mass order. It will be much shorter time.

Q:How can you ensure your motors quality is according to our request?

A:First of all, we must sign contract for all technical issues before we start making the mass orders. and also we both must sign the samples that we both approved. all the process and technical standard will be fixed in our production procedure system in order to avoid any problems. 

Q: How to Get in Touch with Us?
A: 1, Leave us a message or talk to us on our website at the BOTTOM of this page
  2, Reach us Directly on Skype: leo_dydt
  3, Call our telephone: 86-755-85265699 Mobile: 86-18666465246

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: The total contract amount is more than 5,000 US dollars, 50% of the purchase price is prepaid, and the balance must be paid before delivery. The total amount is less than 5,000 US dollars.

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