Industrial Blender Motors

Industrial Blender Motors

Model: TW-Y2-1 Series
Classification: Three-phase asynchronous motor
Application:Pumps, Fans, Industrial equipment, Machine tools, Textile machine, Machinery, Food machines. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Industrial blender motors

We are a leading exporter in China specializing in the export of electric vehicles. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of electrical machines. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

1. Product Introduction

The induction motor is also called "asynchronous motor", that is, the rotor is placed in a rotating magnetic field, and under the action of the rotating magnetic field, a rotational moment is obtained, and thus the rotor rotates.

2. Product Parameter



power   factor

Max torque/Rated torque



















3. Product Feature

1) In general, a small asynchronous motor refers to an induction running asynchronous motor. This type of motor uses auxiliary coils and capacitors not only during start-up but also during operation. Although the starting torque is not very large, the structure is simple, the reliability is high, and the efficiency is high.

2) The rated speed of the motor will also change with the load.

3) It can run continuously.

4. The main applications for the motors. details as below:

Motor main applications:  Machinery, Electronics, Textile, Hardware, Equipments, Industries, Medical devices, Precision instruments, Modern agriculture, CNC machine.Etc


5. Product Qualification 

Main certificate: CCC; CE; VDE; ROHS; UL; UVA; MD; LVD. Etc. 

we also can make apply the certificate according to clients request

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving 

MOQ: 1000pcs.according to unit price and customer request

Transportation: We often make the shipment by vessel, sometimes we need make the goods delivery by air if customer urgent need.

Unloading case: We can let our arrival shipping agent support and help clients to make the unloading process when the goods arrive to the port of destination.


Q:When will make delivery ?                                                                                

A: -Sample Order: 1-3 days after receipt of the full payment.   

-Stock Order: 3-7days after receipt of the full payment 

-OEM Order: 12-20days after receipt of the deposit.  

Q:Can you offer your accurate price before making samples?

A:Sorry,we can’t offer you the accurate price before making samples. Because this CNC equipment motor has different technical request, it means the motor will be different. So we need time to check and offer you accurate price after finish sample

Q:Can you help us to attend the Chinese exhibition ? 

A: Yes, we can. And we can help to send you a invitation letter by official email. and you can use our this email to make applying visa and the Chinese Canton fair.

Q:Can we send back the defective motors for your checking and fixing? can. And we usually welcome our customer send back our defective motors to check and analyze. Because we must confirm where is the problems come from. sometime the problem come from our customer’s side. We will take the responsibility if the defective motors come from our factory.

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