Industrial Refrigerators Motor

Industrial Refrigerators Motor

Model: TW-YC-1 Series
Classification: Single-phase capacitor-start asynchronous motor
Application:Pumps, Fans, Industrial equipment, Machine tools, Textile machine, Machinery, Food machines, Compression pumps, Refrigerators. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Industrial refrigerators motor

TEAMWORK GLOBAL GROUP LIMITED is a professional large manufacturer of all type of electric motors. And we have many years of experience in supply electric motors. Our products are both superior in quality and moderate in price.

1. Product Introduction 

The induction motor is a kind of motor that relies on electromagnetic induction between the stator and rotor to induce current in the rotor to realize several energy conversion. The advantage is that the structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, the price is cheap, and the operation is convenient; the disadvantage is that the power factor is lagging and light. The power factor is low and the speed regulation performance is slightly poor.

2. Product Parameter 




Starting   torque/Rated torque

Max torque/Rated   torque

























Please refer to the attachment for more information.


3. Working principle

The rotating magnetic field generated by the stator (the rotational speed is the synchronous rotational speed n1) and the relative motion of the rotor winding, the rotor winding cutting magnetic induction line generates an induced electromotive force, thereby generating an induced current in the rotor winding. The induced current in the rotor winding interacts with the magnetic field to generate electromagnetic torque that causes the rotor to rotate.

4. The main production line equipment and other machines for the motor.



5. Braking method

The three-phase induction motor electric brake modes include: energy braking, reverse braking, and regenerative braking.

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving

Shipping time: It usually take 10~25days by the vessel line. sometimes it takes longer time due to the port in full capacity

Transportation: We often make the shipment by vessel, sometimes we need make the goods delivery by air if customer urgent need.

Our products are featured by strict tolerance, smooth finish and long service time


Q:Is it possible for you to develop new motors if we provide the tooling cost?

A:Yes. Please kindly share the detailed requirements like performance, size, annual quantity, target price etc. Then we'll make our evaluation to see if we can arrange.

Q: what is your after-sales Service?

A:one year warranty for all kinds of products; If you find any defective accessories first time, we will give you the new parts for free to replace in the next order, as an experienced manufacturer, you can rest assured of the quality and after-sales service. 

Q:Can you offer your accurate price before making samples?

A:Sorry,we can’t offer you the accurate price before making samples. Because this CNC equipment motor has different technical request, it means the motor will be different. So we need time to check and offer you accurate price after finish sample

Q:Can we buy your motors from our Chinese agent or Chinese friend?

A:Yes, you can do this. But we must fix all details. Such as the unit price, payment terms, delivery case, and if like this, you need to handle the exporting case.

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