LCD Levelers Motor

LCD Levelers Motor

Model: TW-SY60TYD Series
Classification:Synchronous Motor
Application: Power switch, LCD levelers, Ice crusher, Double Power Leakage Switch, Paper Shredder .Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

LCD levelers motor

1. Product Introduction 

The synchronous motor can also be connected to the grid as a synchronous compensator. At this time, the motor does not carry any mechanical load, and the excitation current in the rotor is adjusted to send the required inductive or capacitive reactive power to the grid to achieve the purpose of improving the power factor of the grid or adjusting the voltage of the grid.

2. Product Parameter 

Output   speed & torque



Output speed










Output torque









3. The product working range and working condition

Product working range:  Devices, Machinery, Textile, Hardware, High precision instrument, Industrials, Electronics, etc areas.

Product working condition: the motor working condition is according to the product working status. it has different working voltage with different power, torque, speed, current and also other requirements. 

4. The main applications for the motors. details as below:

The motor used for those items which as Machinery, Electronics, Textile, Hardware, Equipments, Industries, Medical devices, Precision instruments. Pls check below products and confirm below all details by pictures for motor used for:


5.The difference between folding synchronous motor and asynchronous motor design

The biggest difference between synchronous motor and asynchronous motor is that their rotor speed is consistent with the rotating magnetic field of the stator. The rotor speed of the motor is the same as the rotating magnetic field of the stator, called synchronous motor. Otherwise, it is called asynchronous motor.


6.The goods delivery, packing, shipping, customs clearance

MOQ: We usually accept to mass order, don’t accept small quantity order. our MOQ for this type motor will be 1000pcs at least.

Packing: by strong carton packing or wooden pallet

Shipping time: It usually take 10~25days by the vessel line. sometimes it takes longer time due to the port in full capacity.



Q:What kind motors you can provide?

A:For now, we mainly provide permanent magnet brushed dc motors (including vibration motors, low voltage dc motors and high voltage dc motors),AC universal motors, reduction gear motors and other types of motors.

Q:What is your delivery case?

A:we delivery motors according to different quantity. We usually delivery them by ocean vessel. And also we can delivery by courier such as DHL, UPS, etc. Air freight.  . 

Q:Can you send us samples within 1 week? 

A: Yes, And we promise our customer to send samples within one week if this motor model is our popular normal model. And as to some special motors, it takes longer time for us to make samples.

Q:Can you send some drive to pick us up for our meeting and visit? 

A: Yes, we will get a special team to make the pick up service. And also my sales can also pick you up with the driver. Our driver and sales can speak good English too.

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