Medical Servo Motors

Medical Servo Motors

Model: TW-ST28HS Series
Classification:Stepping Motor
Application:Medical equipments, Textile machinery and equipments, embroidery machine, High precision instrument. Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Medical servo motors


1.Product Introduction 

The stepper motor system is the cornerstone of the motion control industry. Stepper motor systems are faster, quieter and more energy efficient than ever. The latest development in stepper systems is the application of low-cost, high-resolution feedback devices and advanced DSPs to make stepping motion into a closed loop.

2.Product Parameter

Model   No

Rated   Voltage(V)

Rated   Current(A)

Holding   Torque(g. cm)

Motor   weight(g)












3.Product Feature And Application 

The typical application of motor have Medical device motor .


4.Production Details 



5.Product Qualification 

Main certificate: CCC; CE; VDE; ROHS; UL; UVA; MD; LVD. Etc.


6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving 

Each motor is carefully packed into a carton. 

Customer-made packaging is also available

We provide a high standard of quality control and manufacturing. 

We offer assembly and operation instructions to our customers.


Q: Can the motor parameters in the above list be modified?

A: Yes, the parameters of the motor can be customized. We can modify the working voltage, rated speed, torque, etc. of the motor, and can also modify the shaft size of the motor.

Q: What parameters should I provide before the sample is made?

A: Usually we need to know the nominal voltage, no-load speed, direction of rotation, shaft diameter and length. If there are other special requirements, please let us know in advance, such as operating current limit, noise limit, life expectancy and shaft process.

Q:How long is the delivery for your industrial part?

A: Generally speaking, it will take us 15 working days for machining parts and 25 working days for stamping parts products. But we will shorten our lead time as soon as possible according to customers' demands.

Q:Are you motors reversible?

A:For all the low voltage dc motors, they are reversible (when you exchange the electrical poles, they can run in another direction). For the high voltage dc motors, if clients only need to run the motor in one direction, we'll shift the brushes by some small angle in reference to the permanent magnet (brush offset). That can favor the required one direction of rotation, but the other direction has higher sparkling and worse performance. The stall torque for the favor rotation will be less, but the max. Efficiency point will be higher. 

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