Long Life Dust Sweeper Motor

Long Life Dust Sweeper Motor

Model: TW-UM146&147 Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Cleaner, Sweeper, Aspirator, Dust catcher, Dust collector, Road sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Long life dust sweeper motor

We are one of the most famous exporter of electric vehicles in China, engaged in this industry for many years. We believe that quality is the soul of an enterprise. We are dedicated to the output motor.

1. Product Introduction 

universal motor not only has the advantages of high torque at low speed, but also high efficiency at high speed, which satisfies the two requirements of low speed washing and high speed dewatering of the drum washing machine.  We also supply  medical device motor.

2. Product Parameter 






220 230 240   100 110 120

220 230 240   100 110 120




Input (W)



Max   Vacuum Degree(KPa)



Max Air Quantity(m3/min)









Sparkle Grade

<2 Level

<2 Level

Insulation Grade



Max Eff.(%)





3.The main Feature and Applications

Main Application: Dust catcher, Dust collector, Road sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Robot sweeper. Etc

4. Product use

The motor is cooled by the air. When your motor is overheated, please check all the air inlet pipes, including the brush head, steel pipe, hose, dust bucket (dust bag) and filter element. After the cleaning is completed, the machine can be used again after a minute of rest. Use a vacuum cleaner and handle it gently to avoid impact. After use, the debris in the barrel and the dust attachments and dust bag should be cleaned up in time.


5. Product Qualification 

Certificate: CCC.ROHS. CE. UL. Etc

6. Storage, transportation, packaging and unloading of goods

Storage: We can keep the motor in our warehouse for free for 1 month, but if the goods are stored in our warehouse for 1 month, we must let the customer pay for the warehouse.

Transportation: We often ship by ship, and sometimes we need to ship by air if the customer needs it urgently.

Unloading: We can allow our inbound shipping agents to support and assist the customer in the unloading process when the goods arrive at the port of destination.



Q:Can you offer some special people to work with us in placing mass orders?

A:Yes,we can. However, it depends on how big of your mass orders quantity.

Q:Do you also produce other type motors ?

A:Yes,we also produce other type motors. Such as DC motor, Universal motors. gear motors. Induction motors, brushless motors. we can make all kinds of motors.

Q:Can the universal motor used for grill or oven?

A:No it can’t .The universal motor are usually use for blender, mixer, Etc which has very high speed with big power for all kinds of household produce.

Q:Do you accept other currency to make business, such as Euros, RMB. Etc?

A:Yes,we can accept different currency to make the business.


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