Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Motor

Model: TW-UM132&139Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Cleaner, Sweeper, Aspirator, Dust catcher, Dust collector, Road sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Powerful vacuum cleaner motor

We are a professional manufacturer of motor manufacturing and sales. We can offer a wide range of products to meet changing market needs. Our products sell well in China and are exported to the United States, the United States and other Western countries.

1. Product Introduction 

The main parts of this vacuum cleaner motor are rotor shaft, commutator, iron core, end plate, bearing, insulating varnish, commutator, stator, iron core, enameled wire, insulating paper,

The bracket, the support assembly, the casing, the end cover, the carbon brush assembly, the carbon brush, the carbon brush cover, the carbon brush holder, the spring, the brush, the brush box and the fan part have a fixed impeller, a moving impeller, a wind cover and a screw.

2. Product Parameter 



Input (W)


Max   Vacuum Degree(KPa)


Max Air   Quantity(m3/min)






Max Eff.(%)




Input (W)


Max Vacuum Degree(KPa)


Max Air   Quantity(m3/min)






Max Eff.(%)



3.The main Feature and Applications 

Main Application:     Cleaner, Sweeper, Aspirator, Dust catcher, Dust collector, Road sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Robot sweeper. Etc

4. The main production line equipment and other machines for the motor.

Main production lien equipment: Full automatic rotor production line; Automatic stator winding production line; Automatic balance machine; Automatic insulation paper inserting machine; Automatic motor performance checking system. Etc.




5.Product use

When using a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, move it in the direction of the carpet, so that the dust can be kept flat and the carpet will not be damaged. Beware of using a vacuum cleaner to absorb inflammable and explosive materials, or something with a higher temperature to avoid burning or explosion.

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving 

Packaging: High quality export packaging style

Shipping time: It usually take 10~25days by the vessel line. 

Customs clearance: We will send all documents before goods arrive to your port. 

In production, we need not only number but also the quality of.



Q:What's the advantage of your parts for industry products?

A:The advantage of our products is the competitive prices, fast delivery and high quality. Our employees are responsible-oriented, friendly-oriented, and diligent-oriented. Our products are featured by strict tolerance, smooth finish and long service time responsible-oriented friendly-oriented, diligent-oriented. 

Q:Can we buy your motors from our Chinese agent or Chinese friend?

A:Yes, you can do this. But we must fix all details. Such as the unit price, payment terms, delivery case, and if like this, you need to handle the exporting case.

Q:How fast can be for the AC motor?

A:As to this kind of AC motor, the speed will be over 15000rpm.we also can make much higher speed, but it means we need to change the design and make much better motor material to make and the price will also be very much expensive.

Q: How do you ensure the life of the motor, have you done a lot of testing?

A: About the durability test. We definitely did it before making a lot of orders. Different motors have different durability test styles. Sometimes we need 6 months to conduct a lifetime test. this point is very important.


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