Silence Dust Cleaner Motor

Silence Dust Cleaner Motor

Model: TW-UM141&108Series
Classification:Universal Motor
Application:Cleaner, Sweeper, Aspirator, Dust catcher, Dust collector, Road sweeper, Vacuum Cleaner, Etc
Notes: The motors can be designed according to customer requirements

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Product Details

Silence dust cleaner motor

Our company specializes in exporting electric motor. We can supply a wide range of products to meet ever-changing market demands. By virtue of its super quality, our products are often good sellers in many areas.

1. Product Introduction 

The series-excited motor is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a front and a rear cover (cover) and a heat-dissipating fan. The stator is composed of a stator core and a winding sleeved on the pole piece, guiding and supporting the front and rear cover; the rotor is made of rotor iron The core, the shaft, the armature winding and the commutator are composed.

2. Product Parameter 





220v 230v   240v

100 110 120   220 230 240




Input (W)









Sparkle Grade

<2 Level

<2 Level

Insulation Grade



Max Eff.(%)



 3. 60HZ sweeper motor is used on 50HZ power supply, what should you pay attention to?

This is because the current frequency of the sweeper motor is lower than the design frequency, and the no-load counter electromotive force generated in the rotation is reduced, the no-load current is increased, and the motor is damaged, so that the no-load voltage is required to be lowered.

4. The main production line equipment and other machines for the motor.

Main production lien equipment: Full automatic rotor production line; Automatic stator winding production line; Automatic balance machine; Automatic insulation paper inserting machine; Automatic motor performance checking system. Etc.


5. Product Qualification 

Certificate: CCC.ROHS. CE. UL. Etc

6.Deliver, Shipping And Serving 

Place of origin: Guangdong China

Packing: Good quality exporting packing style

Transportation: By air or vessel, according to customer request

In production, we demand not only quantity but also quality.



Q:How long is the delivery for your industrial part?

A: Generally speaking, it will take us 15 working days for machining parts and 25 working days for stamping parts products. But we will shorten our lead time as soon as possible according to customers' demands.

Q:Could you send me a price list?

A:For all of our motors, they are customized based on different requirements like lifetime, noise, voltage, and shaft etc. The price also varies according to annual quantity. So it's really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you can share your detailed requirements and annual quantity, we'll see what offer we can provide.

Q:How many camera motors you produce every year?

A:we produce around 5Kpcs everyday, so the annual camera motor’s volume will be over 600Kpcs,however if you need more quantity. We can also make it.

Q:how about the 120V motor’s weight?

A:It has different weight according to different technical standard. usually this 120V motor’s weight is around 700g.




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